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Welcome to this amazing and informative website: ‘pakistanbuz’. We are quite sure that just looking at our name, you would have been energized by the rush of emotions going through your body. Buzz means an atmosphere full of energetic and exciting feels and this is what our website provides you. It is a one-stop website where you can find stunning restaurants, places, and activities all across Pakistan.

We are here to provide you with the latest updates on different cuisines and restaurants which are currently on trending and along with this, it will keep you updated on essential gym and fitness blogs to keep you in proper shape all year long. Surely, everyone desires for absolute, admirable physics.

However, if you are a movie lover and a frequent cinema visitor, our website will always fill you in with the latest box office hits and best cinemas near you to enjoy those films. Apart, from this, if you are night owls and want to relish the fancy nightlife and clubs, then you don’t need to worry, we will keep you posted with every concert, every night club in your locality. Nobody wants to miss a chance to party!

Furthermore, if you want to spend some time traveling with your family and friends, hiking or sight-seeing, we will bring you a ton of activities to make your journey and experience worthwhile so don’t miss our section of outdoor-activities. In addition to all this fun, we never forget the intellectual members of our society. We will always be on our toes to serve artistic and history-minded people with the best food for thought.


We even provide you with the latest real estate, cars, and job information as well.

In short, our team is working day and night to select and choose the best for you. We want you to see the world with a new better perspective.